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there is nothing riveting about this shirt.but it is my favourite! i quite enjoy how the block letters look against a stark white background and then juxtaposed with red! it just seems so punk.

i realize that my last blog post was a bit rambly. what can i say? it happens. i just poured my stream of thought on to the page, unedited and unhinged. i have resolved myself to giving myself leeway. the permission to not be presentation-oriented and to just live, flaws and all. i simply cannot live an EDITED life. how restrictive and inauthentic!

so i suppose this blog will become a public journal of sorts. hope you’ll stick along for the ride. BLESSINGS!



sneaks – RACHEL ZOE

song of the week is ‘where ya at’. it’s so fun!

boyfriend shirt

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i want to kiss the feet of whoever endorsed oversized clothing. let’s go down the list as to why oversized clothing is the way to go:

  1. you could eat all you want, and people would be none the wiser
  2. you could be wearing an adult diaper, and people would be none the wiser
  3. your lady bits can breathe
  4. you can hide food
  5. you can hide money
  6. it looks high fashion, if done right
  7. men are less likely to heckle
  8. it can be sexy without being too much

IMG_1069 IMG_1067 IMG_1071

i love oversize clothing so much, i don’t even buy my size as often as i used to. the only issue is now,  i’ve lost my REAL motivation to work out. i know, i know, i should be saying “oh, i only exercise for my health and holistic well-being.”
check this: i exercise to fit into pretty things. and now the pretty things are loose, so who needs to work out, really?

featured song TORY STYLEZ “say it”  goes so hard! 90’s lovemaking R&B meets millennial trap music 808’s. more importantly, the message is real. this girl he’s singing to seems to have an agenda – she’s a gold digger y’all! LANEZ explains to her that she’s gonna have to do more than say what he wants to hear, she has to prove and show him what she’s about. LOVE IT.

photos: SHAE REID

top: thrifted
denim: joe’s jeans
pearls: family hand-me-downs and juicy couture
flats: TOPSHOP

spring…i guess.





top – yahdie concious skirt – wow factor ja flats – deena+ozzy sunnies – spitfire necklace – swankblue lip colour – NARS dominique



it’s finally starting to feel warm around these parts, so i’ve decided to come out of hibernation.

song of the week is by BRYSON TILLER. it’s called “don’t”. i think it’s kinda hot 😉


i’m still getting the hang of this YouTube thing. so please forgive the shaky camera, the interruptions and the beeping noise in the background.

that said, here is a run down of some must-haves and some indulgences i got while i was at home.



all prices mentioned except those from BlackUp Cosmetics are in JMD

Megamart – Jerked sausage
Sorrel wine
Calico Jack Rum Punch

Fontana Pharmacy – Ettenio Scalp Restore

Clinicare Pharmacy, Whitter Village – Starfish Oils Candle
LA Girl Concealer
Mango Pepper Jelly

Whitter Village Perfume Store – Black Up blush in BL03 and BL02

P.S. the buggers at TSA ended taking my sausage. i’m pissed.

i hope you enjoy the video! please subscribe to need4reid on youtube.






cocoon or kimono like outerwear is so glamorous, don’t you think? something about the excess of fabric gives me  bohemian lavishness.
the one i’m wearing is more of a cross between a cardigan and a kimono. it is so comfortable, especially on those summer nights where even though the air is a little balmy, it’s chilly at the same time.

i’m also wearing two skirts. the skirt on top can no longer be worn on my bottom half. sure! it was fine when i first moved to america and i didn’t have the first world country girth. but things have changed, and so has my ass. i just love it too much to let go. not my ass, the skirt. although, i do love that tub of love behind me.

cardimono – f21
top skirt – f21
bottom skirt – topshop
flats – dsw
earrings – asos
sunglasses – spitfire


anyway i’m interested in finding out, is there anything that you wear in an unconventional way?

song of the week is kinda dreamy, the way summer makes me feel. enjoy your weekend!

simple simple

yo! it’s summerrrrrrrrr. dude, i’m ecstatic. geared myself up in a breathable sweater dress and a vest. easy breezy, wrinkles and everything.






earrings - luv aj vest - thrifted sweater dress - mango bangle - gifted flats- deena+ozzy

earrings – luv aj
vest – thrifted
sweater dress – mango
bangle – gifted
flats- deena+ozzy


song of the week is by childish. love of my life.  sigh. anyway, jam out guys!


photos by herbert yuen

on my macklemore


jacket- thrifted
blouse – thrifted
belt – thrifted
shorts- thrifted
shoes- asian flea market


that thrift shop song really turned me off of one my favorite past times for a while. i’m still salty macklemore got that grammy over kendrick. highway robbery and politricks, i swear!

anyway, it wasn’t until i was putting this post together that i realized this entire outfit is thrifted. the jacket is part of an elie tahari skirt suit that was originally $700. i got it for $40. *brushes shoulder off*

the blouse and shorts i had to adjust the hems on. but it was no biggie; i was in culinary school and broke. so if it meant that i had to pay $3 but end up hand tailoring my clothes, i wasn’t going to complain.






i understand that this is a very retro outfit. but i hope it shows you that style is not synonymous with tall money and deep pockets. neither is it synonymous with half-assed made forever 21/ wet seal/ charlotte russe archetypes.

i’m going to deviate a bit from posting a song and post a performance instead. this is kendrick lamar’s performance with imagine dragons at this year’s grammys. watch it and see if you can justify the injustice that was served.

i told you i was still salty.


photos by herbert yuen

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