the baby daddy list



i like to think that every woman has a carefully curated list of people that she is inexplicably drawn to/ obsessed with. so much so, that she’d want to give them her fruitful loins. DAS BABY DADDY. to give you an idea, i’ve shared my list, complete with hyperlinked visual aids, with you today.

IMG_1037 IMG_1040

Daniel Henney – that voice, mesmerizing…
Chris Evans – his eyelashes are lush yo
Dave Franco– sooo funny + jawline
Michael B Jordan – what dat mouf do doh?
Broderick Hunter– jawline: check. smile: check. morals: check.
Childish Gambino -he’s a lyricist, moody  and chill AF. also, can you say multi-talented?
Charles Michael Davis – bearded, talented and humble? sign me up!
Mehcad Brooks – i mean…
Mark Wahlberg – crass humour gets me every time, plus he’s so sweet!
Dustin Brown – had to put a yahdie pon di list!


please note that this list is subject to change. i decided to keep men that i actually know off of this list, since that would create some waves in my social life for sure. also, deductive reasoning will make you think i like artistic, humble men with beards. but i promise i’m attracted to a man’s mind more than anything else. hey, i didn’t choose, my loins did.

today’s post is inspired by one of baby daddy Childish’s bangers. I LUH YOU BABY DADDY!

photos by SHAE REID

bodysuit: MISSGUIDED
shorts: ZARA
accessories: ruby&jenna, wowfactorja, italian street market, goody hair
shoes: seychelles footwear
lippie: a-go-go and nightmoth liner

love yourself and the rest will follow

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserves your love and affection – Buddha


hello beautiful people! allow me to introduce myself.  i’m Brittany and this guest post is all about self-love and body image.

i’ve been meaning to perfect this post for weeks. i had a dream/vision/epiphany that I need to share this renewed self-love with the world.
i woke up this morning with all intents and purposes to do my makeup, just to add a little finesse to my already fabulous features, hop on the computer and get to typing!

so here I am!

 this story starts with me sitting in bed one night when the usual whirlwind of thoughts came along, and then God revealed something to to me. though i do not hear his voice, i feel his spirit and His spirit said, “forget what imperfections you think you may have and love you. just love you.”

now, i have always been a self-confident woman, my mother even calls me vain, but I honestly can’t help but love the gifts God has given me. there was however a point in time where i felt as though i, just-the-way-i-am, no additives or preservatives, just wasn’t attractive. this feeling was related to a few negative comments about my body, but nonetheless i let the negative vibes infiltrate my perspective of myself.

raise your hand if you have, at some point in your life been dissatisfied with your physical appearance.

i’ll wait.
…and just so you know, I’m raising both hands and feet.

i had hit a place i had never been before, unchartered territory if you will, and it was horrendous. i sat up one night on facetime bawling my eyes out to DiDi- Rizzle (Need4Reid) and typing out sadness to Meshi, completely broken and not really appreciative of the awesomeness that is me.

but shortly after…I began to heal. and there is beauty in that.

i decided, “welp, this thicka than a snicka body of mine was all for me, and since i have to live with it, i need to love it.”
i recently came across a quote that read:
”when I accept me, I am freed from the burden of needing you to accept me.” 
in other words,  you are in control of how you feel about you. no one else has the power to devalue you.

there will always be that scar in the most obvious of places, the tumbleweed terror that grows from your scalp or a kink that won’t curl right; there will always be the pervasive bitch face, the extra rolls above the hips, body parts that jiggle unflatteringly or that won’t give you the curves you crave. but know that everything about you makes you the person you are, and at the end of the day, it is how you perceive it that determines how you handle it. 


that being said, you have two options: accept it or change it for the better. you can turn it into motivation to eat healthier, exercise more, make whatever bothers you into your most appealing aspect, and/or accept it and move the heck on.

indeed, my advice to the masses, or at least to all those who are reading this, is to love yourself; truly appreciate all that you have and make it work for you. if that means waking up a little earlier to throw on some makeup or work out for 30 mins then so be it. as long as you leave the house feeling yourself that’s all that matters.

you are in control of your body, your personality, your aspirations and your perspectives, and with faith and prayer you can be the best you that you want to be. at the end of the day, do what makes you happy but do it for you.  

bikini top - target bikini bottom - victoria's secret sarong - souvenir store in montego bay, jamaica necklaces - gifted

bikini top – target
bikini bottom – victoria’s secret
sarong – souvenir store in montego bay, jamaica
necklaces – gifted

photography credit: Natasha Lee



lazy face

lazy face, my lazy face…

today’s feature presentation is my most common beauty routine. it takes fifteen minutes and the reward is pretty decent. are you sold yet? nah? me neither.

anyway, if you’re the type of gal who’s lazy pressed for time but loves a little vamp (cue titty shimmy), then this video is for you babygirl!

product list:

mehron tech orange

MAC laidback blushcreme

black opal even true foundation

black opal even true under-eye concealer

diy toning mist (3 parts rose water, 1 part glycerin) or you can use  MAC fix+

urban decay 24/7 eyeliner ‘perversion’

LORAC pro eyeshadow palette

lancome mascara primer

laura mercier eyebrow pencil in brunette

benefit they’re real mascara

covergirl queen ‘ebony bronze’

MAC ‘nightmoth’ lipliner

urban decay ‘shame’ lipstick


song of the week is a sickly mashup of missy elliot and king yoncé  by audiosavage, aptly titled ‘yoncé gets her freak on’:




parka - zara - sold out - similar top - zara - sold out - similar shorts - salvation army tights- uniqlo boots - report signature  headphones - frends ear cuff - asos - sold out- similar

parka – zara – sold out – similar
top – zara – sold out – similar
shorts – salvation army
tights- uniqlo (these asians come up with the darnedest things)
boots – report signature
headphones – frends
ear cuff – asos – sold out- similar

my uniform is simple: black, plaid, distressed denim, leather and gold accents.

my fave gold accent happens to be these gold headphones that were gifted from a friend. they are gold, noise canceling, comfortable and super badass. a music lover’s dream. and the best part, they’re gold.

i swear i was either a rapper or a 90’s dancehall deejay in a past life. i love gold.


but anyway, back to the uniform. this is my go to outfit for running errands on chilly days, and it perfectly expresses the woman i am becoming: making my own rules, no nonsense and sometimes a little rough around the edges.

so imagine my delight when i saw my fave, my inspiration, badass personified, BEYONCE, in the same uniform in one of her new videos ***flawless.

the entire attitude of the song declares “i am woman, and you will deal.” best part: the feature of one the most epic TED talks ever by the indomitable Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


i used say i wasn’t a feminist, but every part of these women’s creed is also mine. i suppose that with growing up in a developing country i have become well acquainted with the negative connotation associated with being a feminist. i was afraid that people would associate me with those negative attributes. but i am no longer afraid.

i concede; i am a feminist. this is my uniform.

photos by Herbert Yuen


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