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mmmm i love me some loose trousers. so breezy and easy to wear.

i don’t think i’ve gone a week without wearing trousers. and lemme tell you, i have no regrets.

the star of the outfit is from the salvation army (two dollaz bih), the top is from ASOS, sandals are Lucky Brand, the backpack is from ZARA, the sunglasses are Karen Walker and the necklace is LUV AJ.

IMG_1258 IMG_1260

the song of the week is a Sizzla Kalonji mix:


photo credit: SHAE REID

curate, curate, curate.


hear ye, hear ye: curate ya wardrobe through travel!

this outfit is largely made up of things I’ve received from street markets and boutiques while i was traveling/exploring my own country.
i urge you, do not be timid to explore, see where the locals shop. treat yourself to pieces with character, devoid of the banality of department retailers.

this dress i got after a birthday dinner with my mother in Waikiki. the clutch was a gift from my Ghanian family. the necklace was after a wine-soaked lunch with friends in Torino. the gold cuff is by a Congolese jewelry designer in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. the shoes are by a company called Seychelles, not the destination Seychelles, lest you be deceived.



there’s just something so fulfilling about getting dressed and being flooded with memories of where you were and who you were with when you collected a piece for your wardrobe. really ups the sentiment, ya feel me?


song of the week is by Cardi B. FOREVER!!!!

instead of putting the song, i’m gonna put a choreo by Jose Hollywood. girl power major in this.

photo credit: SHAE REID

real friends give you dope clothing


IMG_1256 IMG_1257 IMG_1250


my sister-friend Gail brought me back the coolest top from Ghana. when i saw it, i was enamored. i knew it would end up on the blog. i mean, look at that blue!!! and with that white? sooo clean.

i just feel like this outfit just ups the flourish factor of my melanin, ya know?

Gaily, if you’re reading this: bless you, sis. thanks for knowing the way to a lil’ negro’s heart. thanks for being patient with Jamaica’s postal service.

this post is for you gworle!

whitney gif

pink, denim and dirty sneakers

IMG_1195 IMG_1207 IMG_1208


this week is bound to be an adventurous one. as someone who has come to enjoy being out of the spotlight, i have decided that has become advantageous to instead thrust myself into it.

i am both frightened and energized.

this pertinence to put my skills and talent under scrutiny means that now i am held accountable for my failures and even worse, my successes. if i succeed, i now have a standard to uphold, i can no longer enjoy the comforts and complacency of the shadows.

a jarring realization, but a hopeful one.

song of the week is CBR’s fairly new tune.


***all items thrifted but the white keds and spitfire sunglasses.

what is real?



is it just me or is no one being honest?

social media has created a matrix. everything seems real if you stay plugged in, but if you remove yourself you see it is a simulated reality. a reality that we try so desperately to show others in efforts to form an identity.

but hardly anyone is showing their darkness. some hint at it. some may use it to segue into a “but look at me now, i’m fabulous” piece. some may speak of all their haters (HUGE side eye). Don’t get me started on the supposed haters. some speak to get attention or just have the basic human need for affection and encouragement, and that’s fine. but sometimes, life feels lonely and it gives you strength to know that there are people in the struggle and they are fighting just as you are each day. and it’s not glamorous, it’s not self -seeking. it’s just like, “hey, i’m in some deep shit, but i’m working my way out of it. and you can too.”



sometimes, you just need to be honest and get soul-naked. wash your naked soul with a good cry. have a dance party in your room. get on your hands and knees and scream to God. or sit in the dark and just listen. what needs to happen is that people need to share their struggles more. what are we here for but to support each other? life isn’t as pretty and honkey-dorey as instagram makes it seem. achievements don’t just appear in life like on a facebook newsfeed.

but hey, we’re all plugged in, right? sucking on the teat of useless information and comparison for likes and reshares. what a time to be alive.





an outfit can change your whole attitude in a snap. this outfit celebrates the power of my femininity. it is chic. it colorful. it’s affordable as hell.

skirt is thrifted. sometimes i wear it as a dress. VERSATILE! i said that in my AGENT SASCO voice.
something about this outfit makes me feel like a Caribbean Carolina Herrera. now that’s one classy broad.



IMG_1148 IMG_1154 IMG_1150

song of the week is WTF (where they from) by none other than Missy Elliot. song is majorly groove-worthy. i dare you to try not to dance. also, peep the costume changes in the video. FIRE!



what you wear is more than a superficiality. how you adorn yourself transmits energy. if you are donning an outfit that that makes you feel fly, you will certainly exude that. if you are the type of person who has a style uniform, you will exude the confidence that being comfortable in your convention brings because you are sure in what works for you.

case in point: whenever i wear my chef’s uniform, i have been told that my masculine energy is very dominant. i don’t particularly agree with that sentiment, but i certainly believe that my penchant for androgyny is fueled by a constant battle between masculine and feminine energy.


i feel that as we progress as a society, people are coming to embrace falling along a spectrum of having masculine and feminine energy. women are being their own bosses and have to learn how to survive on their own without the help of a man for longer than ever before in history. men in their jobs and relationships are learning the benefits of emotional intelligence. they are also FINALLY seeing that putting effort into their style and grooming does not make them less of a man. i’m so thankful for that.

style is so expansive and exciting there is no need to restrict ourselves to traditional constraints. that’s boring!


so use your style to communicate your energy to the world. it says so much!


song of the week is BRYSON TILLER’S ‘rambo’. when i tell you that this song makes me feel empowered! cho! best believe it.

a coming out story





hi, my name is dionne. i suffer from depression and anxiety. it does not define who i am and you cannot make me ashamed of it.

WHEW! it feels so good to finally admit that. there have been so many times i wanted to share what i’ve been going through with you, but i struggled with the shame of it all.

mental illness is no joke, lemme tell you. it is truly debilitating. it is torture. can you imagine if your mind felt like it was attacking itself, and then manifested itself in physical pain all over your body? depression sucks.


i’ve been very apprehensive about writing this post because i was worried it would harm my prospects for work or future romantic relationships. i also don’t want to sound like i want pity or like i’m apologizing for my condition. both of which i certainly refuse to do. it has taken me years to reach this point and i’m not about to revert now. not for anyone.

the main reason this post was a necessary part of my treatment is the fact that i hide my struggles so well. no one truly knows when i’m crying out for help. i’m here to let you know that there are many more like me, people prone to self-harm who may not show the signs or ask for help.


we need to create an environment where people who suffer from mental illness are not ostracized. where we can speak and express ourselves freely. that way we can get the help we truly need, instead of bearing all the weight on our own and self-medicating or taking our own lives. it is a harsh reality to face, but hey, it’s the truth.

the thing i want you to take away from this is that we need your empathy and support, but most importantly we need to pay attention and be our brother’s keeper. because when someone is under the weight of mental illness they don’t see things based in reality. in the case of depression, you are so clouded with despair and numbness that you become a shell of a person.


and for those of you like me: make peace with yourself, you are not any less of a person. you are deserving of love and life and good fortune. don’t allow anyone to stigmatize you, but be patient with those that do. talk honestly to someone. be in touch with how you are feeling. do not neglect yourself. and for GOD’S SAKE, take your medication.

you belong here.



what a busy two weeks it has been! i’ve hardly had the time to stay in one place. but i’m grateful that i’ve been able to stay busy.




anyone that has met me knows i’m a very short woman. while i appreciate the height that heels give, i much prefer the optical illusion that certain silhouettes and patterns give. this outfit certainly makes me look taller than i really am. i encourage petite ladies to make use of vertical lines and minimalistic designs. minimalistic vibes also add a touch of class. sometimes opulence and excessiveness can be appealing but there is true sophistication in simplicity.



this philosophy applies to so many things in art. it is what i strive for as an artist. the mastery of any craft is truly evident when art is stripped down, since there is nothing to distract the consumer of your creation from the character and composition of what you have created. is is naked and vulnerable, the way our lives were meant to be.

song of the week is a drake tune i’ve been hooked on for the past few weeks.


society, you sly dog.


let’s talk about sex, shall we?

specifically, the societal construct of the  “lady in the streets, freak in the sheets” precept. society is a real slick rick, creating intrigue around this famed paradoxical woman, when really it is just another method of control.

as women, there is a certain level of duality that society would like you to possess. and if you possess this duality, it ups your value. men will want you, because you will not bring them shame in public but will be lascivious in the confines of the home. women will admire you because men want you, you are demure and sensual. don’t believe me? look at BEYONCE’S public image.

the duplexity of being ladylike in public and naughty in private in order for men to find you desirable lends itself to a few questions:
1.  is heteronormativity the only way to achieve the elusive duality?
2. what about women who aren’t sexual? is their value diminished?
3. what about being a lady in the sheets and caring for a lover’s desires vs. simply being insatiable?
4. why is a woman who is sexually empowered to be feared?


a woman should be able to own her version of sexuality, wherever on the spectrum it may fall, whether she be prone to asexuality or nymphomania. as long as a woman is aware her actions affect others, she isn’t spreading any nasties or hurting innocents, can we all just live without putting ourselves in a cage?

i propose we all just be proud of our sexuality and stop giving silly sayings like this merit. all in favor say ‘aye!’.


low-key, i admire ADINA HOWARD. she owns her sexuality and it led to this female anthem!

photos: SHAE REID

hat: free people
top: MANGO
skirt: wowfactorja
sunnies: spitfire
pearls: family hand-me-downs and juicy couture

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