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Today’s Guest Post comes from Nailah. She is unapologetically herself and an all around incredible woman!

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In my life, the things that I don’t seek and I simply allow to find me, have always rung truest. I always have been on conquests for things unknown.

A wise man put things into excellent perspective recently.

I asked, “How do you find your purpose?”

He left this thought tickling the air: If you don’t know what you’re looking for, how can you find anything? Your purpose isn’t something you find. It finds you.”

At the ripe age of 18, I knew all there was for me to do, and I set out to do it. Looking to gain wealth and accolades were the commensurate details of my voyage. I bought into the stealth lie that my passion was quantified by manmade gizmos and gadgets, and failed to see that the journey is the most golden part of our experience. The destination is forever changing.

After several jobs and many trials and errors, I feel refreshed on my road in life. I had a

stint in NYC for the few past months experimenting in one of my favorite supreme art forms, fashion. However, I started to feel angst again, like it was being forced and coerced.

I switched lanes. I started interviewing for farm apprenticeships, and finally landed one in Pennsylvania! I have never felt more fulfilled in my life. Each day I work until my back aches, yet and still my heart smiles ad meets the sun daily in transcendent gratefulness.

More than anything, I am humbled and thankful. I have been steeped in patience and tempered in diligence that surmounts bitterness and self-doubt.

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Cheers to life- xx

Nailah Marie

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