blackity black black black

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like many people, black is one of my favorite things to wear. so when i saw this breezy split tunic on MISSGUIDED i quickly clicked ‘add to cart’.

It’s quite versatile, actually. a camisole makes it good for the business place, jeans and heels make it good for a dinner date, and it works excellently as a cover-up at the beach.

though i have collected quite a few clothing items over the years, i still consider my collection to be very curated. the way i achieve that is by making sure the majority of my wardrobe does not consist of a bunch of one-trick ponies. most items can be tweaked to suit different occasions. it suits my pockets well too!

Frugal Franny vibes to di ting.

song of the week is for driving with the windows down in the afternoon. BITE DOWWWWNNNNN.


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