why so glum chum?

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you know, i believe in the power of perspective. that change your attitude, change your life thing. but man, there’s just so much death around.

so many good people lost. and i’m angry. angry at life, angry with GOD. i’m so close to throwing a tantrum and screaming “IT’S NOT FAIR!”

and i feel it amongst my peers too. we’re all just so OVERWHELMED. overwhelmed, and tired, and sad. the race has just begun and we are spent.

i wish i had some encouragement for you today. i guess the simplest and most profound thing we can do is just not give up. just claw our way through and help our brother man in any way possible.

God Bless Us All.

top: etsy, pants: F21, shades: KOMONO, sandals: ALDO

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