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“I sat in the beige hotel room waiting for my friends to arrive; a million thoughts running through my mind. I hear the door lock buzz and I squeal with delight as Di walks in, or attempts to walk in (I had the door bolted because I have watched way too many movies where random people invade personal space…but I digress). I jump up to greet my friend. A similar scene happens when Chela strolls in. This is going to be a good trip.

See few things make their way to leave a mark on my heart. Real friendship is one of those things.  Here we were, three women whose friendship transcends time and distance meeting in the historic New Orleans to indulge in the trilogy of NOLA culture – food music and art.
It wasn’t a particular instance that made my heart smile, but the synthesis of the various experiences – from beignets to shrimp & grits, exploring the Frenchmen art market, grooving to tunes at The Spotted Cat or just having candid conversation about life and love- that made me truly appreciate the awesome young women we’ve become.”


“This trip to New Orleans was refreshing for a number of reasons. At the top of the list, however, is time spent with old friends – the type of friends that know you from yuh eye deh a yuh knee. Those who can comment on how much you’ve grown or stayed the same, over the years.

Nola was the perfect backdrop to a girls weekend where we could embrace our different journeys and share our challenges, similar to how the people of Nola have stood tall post-Katrina and rebuilt over the years. It’s funny how the positive vibes and cozy warmth of Nola, just gelled with our chit-chat and nostalgic moments.

Not to mention the food in Nola is amazing, and we definitely had our fair share. There are few things that mix as well together as good friends, deep conversation, and a great meal. Together they just provide that feeling of warmth straight from the inside out…”

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*** in light of the Alton Sterling tragedy of Louisiana, let us pray for our people. speak up even if we may feel we are screaming in the dark, stand up even though our spirit may feel chained. blackness is not a sin. we may be oppressed, but the PRIDE with which we stand, with which we raise our fists for coming generations must never be subject to victimhood. let us take hope, black people, for our melanin is not branding, but armor.

to family and of Alton Sterling and those grieving in Louisiana, we pray for you with joined hands, we stand with you with unshackled feet.***


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  1. Beautiful pics, and great snapshots of friendship. Love it!

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