comfort zone





ok ok! first thing first, lemme tell you how i was up at 3 one morning looking at limited edition nike roshes. i came across this leather and fly knit number in the olive green. when i tell you OBSESSED. i had to have it, i scoured the internet until i found the only pair in my size ON SALE.

don’t nobody tell me seh God don’t answer prayer after that. geez…just so fresh.never mind that Jamaica customs charge me twice the price to receive them, ol’ parasite dem.

aside from that im in my regular saturday uniform: joggers and a loose top. G’d it up with leather baseball cap though.

song of the week is a summer jam, late night, quick drive though run for some juice and junk food, riding round with your friends with the warm breeze on your face. pull up that r and b goodness!


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