curate, curate, curate.


hear ye, hear ye: curate ya wardrobe through travel!

this outfit is largely made up of things I’ve received from street markets and boutiques while i was traveling/exploring my own country.
i urge you, do not be timid to explore, see where the locals shop. treat yourself to pieces with character, devoid of the banality of department retailers.

this dress i got after a birthday dinner with my mother in Waikiki. the clutch was a gift from my Ghanian family. the necklace was after a wine-soaked lunch with friends in Torino. the gold cuff is by a Congolese jewelry designer in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. the shoes are by a company called Seychelles, not the destination Seychelles, lest you be deceived.



there’s just something so fulfilling about getting dressed and being flooded with memories of where you were and who you were with when you collected a piece for your wardrobe. really ups the sentiment, ya feel me?


song of the week is by Cardi B. FOREVER!!!!

instead of putting the song, i’m gonna put a choreo┬áby Jose Hollywood. girl power major in this.

photo credit: SHAE REID

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