what is real?



is it just me or is no one being honest?

social media has created a matrix. everything seems real if you stay plugged in, but if you remove yourself you see it is a simulated reality. a reality that we try so desperately to show others in efforts to form an identity.

but hardly anyone is showing their darkness. some hint at it. some may use it to segue into a “but look at me now, i’m fabulous” piece. some may speak of all their haters (HUGE side eye). Don’t get me started on the supposed haters. some speak to get attentionĀ or just have the basic human need for affection and encouragement, and that’s fine. but sometimes, life feels lonely and it gives you strength to know that there are people in the struggle and they are fighting just as you are each day. and it’s not glamorous, it’s not self -seeking. it’s just like, “hey, i’m in some deep shit, but i’m working my way out of it. and you can too.”



sometimes, you just need to be honest and get soul-naked. wash your naked soul with a good cry. have a dance party in your room. get on your hands and knees and scream to God. or sit in the dark and just listen. what needs to happen is that people need to share their struggles more. what are we here for but to support each other? life isn’t as pretty and honkey-dorey as instagram makes it seem. achievements don’t just appear in life like on a facebook newsfeed.

but hey, we’re all plugged in, right? sucking on the teat of useless information and comparison for likes and reshares. what a time to be alive.

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