what you wear is more than a superficiality. how you adorn yourself transmits energy. if you are donning an outfit that that makes you feel fly, you will certainly exude that. if you are the type of person who has a style uniform, you will exude the confidence that being comfortable in your convention brings because you are sure in what works for you.

case in point: whenever i wear my chef’s uniform, i have been told that my masculine energy is very dominant. i don’t particularly agree with that sentiment, but i certainly believe that my penchant for androgyny is fueled by a constant battle between masculine and feminine energy.


i feel that as we progress as a society, people are coming to embrace falling along a spectrum of having masculine and feminine energy. women are being their own bosses and have to learn how to survive on their own without the help of a man for longer than ever before in history. men in their jobs and relationships are learning the benefits of emotional intelligence. they are also FINALLY seeing that putting effort into their style and grooming does not make them less of a man. i’m so thankful for that.

style is so expansive and exciting there is no need to restrict ourselves to traditional constraints. that’s boring!


so use your style to communicate your energy to the world. it says so much!


song of the week is BRYSON TILLER’S ‘rambo’. when i tell you that this song makes me feel empowered! cho! best believe it.

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