the baby daddy list



i like to think that every woman has a carefully curated list of people that she is inexplicably drawn to/ obsessed with. so much so, that she’d want to give them her fruitful loins. DAS BABY DADDY. to give you an idea, i’ve shared my list, complete with hyperlinked visual aids, with you today.

IMG_1037 IMG_1040

Daniel Henney – that voice, mesmerizing…
Chris Evans – his eyelashes are lush yo
Dave Franco– sooo funny + jawline
Michael B Jordan – what dat mouf do doh?
Broderick Hunter– jawline: check. smile: check. morals: check.
Childish Gambino -he’s a lyricist, moody ¬†and chill AF. also, can you say multi-talented?
Charles Michael Davis – bearded, talented and humble? sign me up!
Mehcad Brooks – i mean…
Mark Wahlberg – crass humour gets me every time, plus he’s so sweet!
Dustin Brown – had to put a yahdie pon di list!


please note that this list is subject to change. i decided to keep men that i actually know off of this list, since that would create some waves in my social life for sure. also, deductive reasoning will make you think i like artistic, humble men with beards. but i promise i’m attracted to a man’s mind more than anything else. hey, i didn’t choose, my loins did.

today’s post is inspired by one of baby daddy Childish’s bangers. I LUH YOU BABY DADDY!

photos by SHAE REID

bodysuit: MISSGUIDED
shorts: ZARA
accessories: ruby&jenna, wowfactorja, italian street market, goody hair
shoes: seychelles footwear
lippie: a-go-go and nightmoth liner

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