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i’m a music masochist.

i like when i find that perfect song that makes me feel heartbreak all over again, or makes me come face to face with issues that cause my heart to twist with pain. 10+ points if it can make me cry.

heartbreak songs are my favourite songs to sing for that very reason. tightly wound emotions are allowed to be unleashed. it’s like feeling pain and finally being able to let out a scream you’ve been suppressing.

IMG_1034 IMG_1028

but the most satisfying thing is having someone melodiously describe what you are feeling at that moment. it helps take the loneliness out of lovelorn, the pang out of desolation and the shame out of rejection. you rest easy for a while because your emotions have been finally validated- even if it hurts. especially because it hurts.




ETTA JAMES time and time again has helped give me my fix. she is no stranger to pain. my type of girl.

photos: SHAE REID

romper: ASOS
kimono: NASTYGAL
sandals: lucky brand
necklace: j.crew
bracelet: jewelmint
lippie: NARS train bleu

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