jumpsuit praise

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all hail the jumpsuit, the onesie’s fashionable cousin! i love a billowy jumpsuit for its ease of wear, its lack of constriction, and its breeziness. all of these these things make the jumpsuit great period wear. you know, the clothes you reluctantly slug on ¬†when you are bloated, lethargic, cramped up and nauseous.

i love the zipper that runs down the middle of this jumpsuit. it’s like a instrument¬†that allows you to adjust your desired level of sexiness. more boob? zip down. feeling prudish? zip up.


these pictures of home are making me sad now, mother nature has projectile vomited snow all over boston. spring seems so far away…

sunglasses - karen walker jumpsuit - lulu's necklace - ruby & jenna's sandals - shoemint

sunglasses – karen walker
jumpsuit – lulu’s
necklace – ruby & jenna’s
sandals – shoemint


song of the week is duffy’s ‘hanging on too long’, cuz i’m in my feelings like that.


photo credit: ZOE DAWKINS

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