red with anger


headband – GlamHead
earrings- gorjana via shopbop
romper – missguided
bracelets – jewel mint
loafers – jeffery campbell


man! what a week! i feel like i’ve been on go go go! that combined with all the tragedy in the news: from robin williams’ passing to the untimely death #MikeBrown to the injustice and negligence surrounding the passing of #MarioDeane – i’m spent.

maybe i’m daft or naive, but i don’t understand how society can be so backwards with issues like race and mental illness in 2014. i mean, our cars can tell us where to go, our phones are smart, we can pay for things with cards, information is easily accessible, but people choose to refrain from becoming enlightened about REAL struggles that people face just because it makes them uncomfortable.


yes, racism and mental illness are two things that people do not like to discuss. maybe it has to do with the fact that both seem intangible. you cannot touch race, race is an elaborate social construct based on a primitive and basic way of thinking.  mental illness seems intangible in the same way, there may not seem to be outward physical signs or symptoms, but the truth is, many  people are held captive in their own minds. these degrading power struggles between sane and “abnormal” and white and black, occur simply because people have been taught to feel threatened or afraid of what they choose not to understand.

and that my friends, is hatred. when you choose not love that is hatred. the moment you choose not to empathize is hatred. so yes, your indifference towards racism or mental illness, your adamance that clinical depression is something someone can just “get over” or that we live in a “post-racial society” – it’s all bullshit and it’s all hatred.




so yea, i’m pissed. i’m disappointed. but i think i’m mostly confused. why are we still struggling with these issues? come on humanity. we can do better.

featured song is self-explanatory:



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  1. Well said.

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