cocoon or kimono like outerwear is so glamorous, don’t you think? something about the excess of fabric gives me ┬ábohemian lavishness.
the one i’m wearing is more of a cross between a cardigan and a kimono. it is so comfortable, especially on those summer nights where even though the air is a little balmy, it’s chilly at the same time.

i’m also wearing two skirts. the skirt on top can no longer be worn on my bottom half. sure! it was fine when i first moved to america and i didn’t have the first world country girth. but things have changed, and so has my ass. i just love it too much to let go. not my ass, the skirt. although, i do love that tub of love behind me.

cardimono – f21
top skirt – f21
bottom skirt – topshop
flats – dsw
earrings – asos
sunglasses – spitfire


anyway i’m interested in finding out, is there anything that you wear in an unconventional way?

song of the week is kinda dreamy, the way summer makes me feel. enjoy your weekend!

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