a call to personal style

snapback – obey
hoops – gorjana via shopbop
necklaces – vintage
dress – heather laine
sandals – dolce vita
clutch – vintage
jewelry – jewelmint and michael kors


I have undoubtedly been blessed with having a unique experience in my life thus far, growing up in the Jewel of the Caribbean and then being able to come of age in the cosmopolitan mecca that is New York. Both experiences have made me resolute in the belief that fashion is everywhere. There is color and texture all over. It is seen in the waves that caress the coast of Jamaica, to the lush greens of Portland, the grit and the grunge of New York and the bohemianism of Negril. Inspiration is infinite.

I think the allure of both geographic areas, like fashion and personal style, can be empowering because they prove that there is beauty in nonconformity. Both places are so different, as personal style should be; free of the limitations to fit one small, limiting, elusive ideal. It’s speaks loudly when we can show up in spaces and express ourselves through our dress, our hairstyles, a self-made belt, a watch handed-down from your grandfather; no concern for trend or public opinion. I truly believe that fashion and personal style is another avenue through which we can adorn the body and purposefully express character.





you may read the rest of the post || H E R E || but before you go comment and share what inspires your personal style.

|| M A N Y thanks to digjamaica.com for the feature. ||

song of the week is a kanye / agent sasco classic. this song goes hard!:



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  1. Joni Clarke says:

    I think what inspires me the most apart from my style icons like my mom (rip) who was timelessly stylish in the pieces she wore, I would have to say its pieces that are unique but yet comfortable.

  2. I like the items in this piece! My style is inspired by comfort mostly, but not drab comfort. I enjoy things that won’t be seen on every human being I walk by.

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