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Today’s Guest Post comes from Nailah. She is unapologetically herself and an all around incredible woman!

nai 2 (1)

In my life, the things that I don’t seek and I simply allow to find me, have always rung truest. I always have been on conquests for things unknown.

A wise man put things into excellent perspective recently.

I asked, “How do you find your purpose?”

He left this thought tickling the air: If you don’t know what you’re looking for, how can you find anything? Your purpose isn’t something you find. It finds you.”

At the ripe age of 18, I knew all there was for me to do, and I set out to do it. Looking to gain wealth and accolades were the commensurate details of my voyage. I bought into the stealth lie that my passion was quantified by manmade gizmos and gadgets, and failed to see that the journey is the most golden part of our experience. The destination is forever changing.

After several jobs and many trials and errors, I feel refreshed on my road in life. I had a

stint in NYC for the few past months experimenting in one of my favorite supreme art forms, fashion. However, I started to feel angst again, like it was being forced and coerced.

I switched lanes. I started interviewing for farm apprenticeships, and finally landed one in Pennsylvania! I have never felt more fulfilled in my life. Each day I work until my back aches, yet and still my heart smiles ad meets the sun daily in transcendent gratefulness.

More than anything, I am humbled and thankful. I have been steeped in patience and tempered in diligence that surmounts bitterness and self-doubt.

nai 4 (1)

nai 3 (1)

Cheers to life- xx

Nailah Marie

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blackity black black black

IMG_1575 IMG_1549 IMG_1554 IMG_1489


like many people, black is one of my favorite things to wear. so when i saw this breezy split tunic on MISSGUIDED i quickly clicked ‘add to cart’.

It’s quite versatile, actually. a camisole makes it good for the business place, jeans and heels make it good for a dinner date, and it works excellently as a cover-up at the beach.

though i have collected quite a few clothing items over the years, i still consider my collection to be very curated. the way i achieve that is by making sure the majority of my wardrobe does not consist of a bunch of one-trick ponies. most items can be tweaked to suit different occasions. it suits my pockets well too!

Frugal Franny vibes to di ting.

song of the week is for driving with the windows down in the afternoon. BITE DOWWWWNNNNN.


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playsuits are the best suits


romper, playsuits, urine hinderances, whatever you wanna call them, these things are fun and so easy to wear.

i like this one from White Fox Boutique because it is loose and utilitarian (or some other pretentious fashion word). i also like that i can button it down to show my pubescent cleave *wink wink*

tied a vintage scarf around neck to up the class ya know.



anyway sugars, i leave you with a song that makes me very happy!

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why so glum chum?

IMG_1457 IMG_1459 IMG_1411

you know, i believe in the power of perspective. that change your attitude, change your life thing. but man, there’s just so much death around.

so many good people lost. and i’m angry. angry at life, angry with GOD. i’m so close to throwing a tantrum and screaming “IT’S NOT FAIR!”

and i feel it amongst my peers too. we’re all just so OVERWHELMED. overwhelmed, and tired, and sad. the race has just begun and we are spent.

i wish i had some encouragement for you today. i guess the simplest and most profound thing we can do is just not give up. just claw our way through and help our brother man in any way possible.

God Bless Us All.

top: etsy, pants: F21, shades: KOMONO, sandals: ALDO

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we all need a little healing



hey, you. i know you’re tired, worn out. i just want to remind you to recenter; get back in check. this world is gonna try to pull you in different directions, stretching your boundaries further than you’ve conceptualized. don’t let it stretch you too thin.

take a breather. step out into the sun. hug yourself.

heal yourself so you can help heal this world. our brothers and sisters are in turmoil and need and all the love and TLC they can get.



wearing a zara summer 2015 dress, gentle soul lace up sandals, baublebar earrings, my headwrap is a hand-me-down from the moms.

song of the week:

chief don’t run by JIDENNA. saw him perform this weekend and been obsessed since. that ute is dope.

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d e a r N O L A


IMG_1397 IMG_1314


“I sat in the beige hotel room waiting for my friends to arrive; a million thoughts running through my mind. I hear the door lock buzz and I squeal with delight as Di walks in, or attempts to walk in (I had the door bolted because I have watched way too many movies where random people invade personal space…but I digress). I jump up to greet my friend. A similar scene happens when Chela strolls in. This is going to be a good trip.

See few things make their way to leave a mark on my heart. Real friendship is one of those things.  Here we were, three women whose friendship transcends time and distance meeting in the historic New Orleans to indulge in the trilogy of NOLA culture – food music and art.
It wasn’t a particular instance that made my heart smile, but the synthesis of the various experiences – from beignets to shrimp & grits, exploring the Frenchmen art market, grooving to tunes at The Spotted Cat or just having candid conversation about life and love- that made me truly appreciate the awesome young women we’ve become.”
IMG_1564 IMG_1436


“This trip to New Orleans was refreshing for a number of reasons. At the top of the list, however, is time spent with old friends – the type of friends that know you from yuh eye deh a yuh knee. Those who can comment on how much you’ve grown or stayed the same, over the years.

Nola was the perfect backdrop to a girls weekend where we could embrace our different journeys and share our challenges, similar to how the people of Nola have stood tall post-Katrina and rebuilt over the years. It’s funny how the positive vibes and cozy warmth of Nola, just gelled with our chit-chat and nostalgic moments.

Not to mention the food in Nola is amazing, and we definitely had our fair share. There are few things that mix as well together as good friends, deep conversation, and a great meal. Together they just provide that feeling of warmth straight from the inside out…”

IMG_1320 IMG_1448



*** in light of the Alton Sterling tragedy of Louisiana, let us pray for our people. speak up even if we may feel we are screaming in the dark, stand up even though our spirit may feel chained. blackness is not a sin. we may be oppressed, but the PRIDE with which we stand, with which we raise our fists for coming generations must never be subject to victimhood. let us take hope, black people, for our melanin is not branding, but armor.

to family and of Alton Sterling and those grieving in Louisiana, we pray for you with joined hands, we stand with you with unshackled feet.***


IMG_1470 IMG_1468

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comfort zone





ok ok! first thing first, lemme tell you how i was up at 3 one morning looking at limited edition nike roshes. i came across this leather and fly knit number in the olive green. when i tell you OBSESSED. i had to have it, i scoured the internet until i found the only pair in my size ON SALE.

don’t nobody tell me seh God don’t answer prayer after that. geez…just so fresh.never mind that Jamaica customs charge me twice the price to receive them, ol’ parasite dem.

aside from that im in my regular saturday uniform: joggers and a loose top. G’d it up with leather baseball cap though.

song of the week is a summer jam, late night, quick drive though run for some juice and junk food, riding round with your friends with the warm breeze on your face. pull up that r and b goodness!


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jump jump







summer deh ya! as exciting as that is, the boob and crotch sweat are no fun.

but i have found the antidote! this breezy jumpsuit is great for private part ventilation.

i bought it at a local designer’s boutique, called schiatze, or something like that *shrugs*

the platforms have appeared here before, they are Seychelles. my choker is from Ghana, and the sunnies are Marc New York.

song of the week is Lil Shorty 2 by ICYTWAT (lol!)

this song bridges trap with an ethereal melody. I LIVE!



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moody judy

IMG_1299 IMG_1302 IMG_1301 IMG_1298


free the boob season is HEREEE! my twin mosquito bites could not be happier.

i took the liberty to wear a faux leather tank from ALC brand and some ASOS Bermuda denim shorts.

as for why i look so wretched…that’s just my face.

SmOoChEs! catch up later.

P.S. that clutch lip color is cherry blossom by coloured raine. cop you one.

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coraling, coraling through the…tropics?


fave colour combo right here friends! coral and turquoise *heart eyes emoji*



outfit details are as follows:
dress: wildfox couture
shoes: steve madden
sunglasses: komono
jewelry: street markets and etsy

song of the week is GET THERE.


photo credit: SHAE REID

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